Find us at Paine Field in Everett: 3101 111th St SW Ste B - whisky and gin flights Tuesday-Sunday.

From Great American we ship nationwide!

James Bay Distillers Ltd.

We often announce new sales events and locations on Twitter.

Local to Seattle?  Shop online or call Downtown Spirits in Seattle

Where can you find our spirits? 

At the Distillery:  

We offer retail whisky, gin, vodka and finocchietto sales are at the distillery at the south end of Paine Field in Everett, WA during opening hours. 

Tastings and cocktails at our onsite bar are limited to 21+ only.   Soft drinks and snacks available also.  Under 21s are permitted in our retail area.


You will also find us at Total Wine, Town & Country/Central Markets, and Downtown Spirits in Seattle.  Downtown Spirits will deliver for a very nominal fee from south of Tacoma to north of Arlington!  

Online for WA, AK and DC: 

We sell online for residents of Washington State, Alaska and also ship to the District of Columbia.   We ship t-shirts and other merchandise to all states.  More states are coming soon for whisky and gin sales, so stay tuned, or contact us for details.

Nationwide & International Sales: 

Order from  For Whiskey Lovers to ship to 48 states and 28 countries worldwide!  They will ship directly to you!

Our partners at Great American Craft Spirits also sell for us and ship to some 43 states from their location near San Diego, California. 



We ship wholesale to the California and Illinois!  Just contact Liberation Distribution, our wholesaler Need your liquor store to carry our products?  Let us know (or ask them to contact us).  We have all our California & Illinois licenses in place to ship to LibDib, who in turn will quickly and efficiently ship to your liquor store.

In Indiana, please contact Indiana Small Batch for deliveries of our whiskies, gins, vodka and finocchietto.  They will contact us to place an order for you.

In Chicago or Illinois, see us at SpiritHub!  Need to ship to your local liquor store?  We ship wholesale to Illinois, so just ask your liquor store to contact us, and we'll ship via LibDib!

All products are available for export

We are open Tuesday-Sunday at Paine Field to answer any questions about retail, direct-to-consumer, wholesale or export pricing. 

See our Contact Page for latest opening hours.

Close to Everett, WA?  Visiting the Flying Heritage Museum or Boeing's Museum of Flight?  You're welcome to visit, taste and take home a bottle or two!

Keep up with our current events and new products on Twitter!  Some of our outside events are both tasting and sales events!

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