Whisky, whiskey, gin and vodka  

James Bay Distillers, Ltd. will soon have available 3-year (and older) aged Canadian whisky, finished in our ex-bourbon and ex-cognac barrels, shown below on the left.  We are not yet selling in the U.S. or Canada, so please have patience! 

While we had been in search of our production sites over the past few years, we asked some of the best distillers of Canadian whisky (and other spirits) to have products produced to our specification and recipe.   We will be making these available soon -- because our distilled spirits plant (DSP) permit has been issued, and also our Washington State permit!   Our distilling colleagues are brilliant and inspiring, but focused on domestic sales and not on exports outside Canada.  We can understand that. 

Our background and skills, on the other hand, are in international trade, making this a perfect match for their over-production at our request and our strong interest in the U.S. and Asian markets.  

We have recently obtained capacity to import Scotch whiskies, as "Scotch," and so will be making our own new blends of Scotch, and also using that whisky as a "Whisky - distilled and aged in Scotland and (Canada) (the United States)" for some bold experiments!

We are also on schedule for our own craft whiskey production starting at Paine Field near Seattle.  We're planning a bourbon or two (high rye, high barley) and a gin with medium juniper and unique citrus notes.

We continue to look for a site near Victoria, seen just left here at Fisherman's Wharf.   We'd love to have a whisky barge there, but the harbour authorities and province are less keen on that idea.   We have exciting brands to launch tied to local history and personalities!

Inquiries may be made at our Contact page.  


Our ex-bourbon and ex-cognac barrels just milling about waiting for our permits and licenses so we can start our whisky aging projects!

Shown above:  our 230 gallon hybrid still is on it's way -- whisky helmet on the left, vodka column, gin basket and then condenser and parrot on the far right. 

James Bay Distillers Ltd.