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Whisky, whiskey and gin  

     Online sales: We are shipping whisky & gin direct to consumers in Washington State, Alaska and Washington DC!   Of course, t-shirts, barware and gift cards available to anyone.  

    Outside Washington State, Alaska or the District of Columbia?  Call us (425-212-9135) or email (Info@JamesBayDistillers.com) and we'll see how we can help.

     Our Gold medal winning, 3-year aged 88-proof Galloping Goose Premium Canadian Whisky has been available for sale at our U.S. distillery tasting room in Everett, WA since September 2019.   This whisky opens with notes of caramel and vanilla, then moves to baked chocolate with a lingering honey finish.  We proudly feature the Canada Goose on the front label and are pleased to have won 2 gold medals and a silver from the American Distilling Institute!

    Organic chocolate-infused Cadboro Chocolate Whisky is now on the market, winning a medal from Distilled San Diego, and was released in early February 2020.   For the Cadboro, we infuse organic, sustainable and renewable cacao from Ecuador, and the filter out the cacao at the 1/2-micron level to leave a clear whisky with a persistent sweet chocolate note in the mid-palate.

     Citrus-forward Lochside Summer Gin No. 5 was released in January 2020 - and our first bottling sold out within a week.  We use a 2-step process:  production of a London Dry style is followed by cold infusion of the more fragile botanicals such as orange blossom, kumquat and others.  This is a true sipping' gin, with no mixers required, but permitted if you wish.  Bottling at 80-proof, in 750ml size.  Summer Gin No. 5 is a silver medal award winner from the American Distilling Institute.

     Barrel-aged Gintrigue Gin was released in April 2020.  This is a 6-month aging in ex-bourbon/ex-cognac barrels that previously held both Kentucky bourbon (4 years) and French cognac (7 years).  We will release other expressions of this gin at the 12-, 18- and 24-month mark in the aging process.  We have not yet entered Gintrigue into competitions.  Perfect as an Old Fashioned whisky drink, or as a "Mukilteo Mule" gin drink with ginger ale and lime!

       We also have permits from the United Kingdom to import Scotch whiskies in bulk and then release our own new blends of Scotch:  single grain, blended malt, blended Scotch.  Watch for blends between sweet and floral to heavily phenol and smoky.  This will be a project in 2020, with releases after June 2020.

       In December 2019 we moved our Canadian address from Victoria to White Rock/Surrey to be closer to some of supporters and markets. 

      All of our exciting brands are tied to local history BC and Pacific NW locations and personalities!   Expect a surprise or two in 2020!

     Inquiries may be made at our Contact page, or just stop by to see us in Everett, WA, from Tuesday-Saturday - noon to 5pm.